Airport Police

Airport PoliceThe Paine Field Airport Police provide police services, crime investigation and prevention, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, and the enforcement of state laws and Snohomish County Code on airport property. Additionally, Airport Police assist the NTSB and FAA in the initial investigation and evidence preservation of aircraft incidents and accidents occurring on the airport and other areas of unincorporated Snohomish County. Airport police deputies are on call 24 hours a day for emergency situations occurring at Paine Field Airport. When airport deputies are not available, the Sheriff's Office Transit Police and/or South Precinct patrol units respond to airport incidents.

For non emergency contact of a deputy, you may call 425-407-3999. 

Report Suspicious Activities and/or Packages:
Airport police take homeland security very seriously. You are our eyes and ears and we need your assistance in reporting suspicious activities and/or suspicious packages. If you see anything suspicious, please call 911 immediately. Following is a list of critical information you can try to obtain to pass on to the 911 emergency dispatcher:
  • Location and description of the suspicious activity or the suspicious package
  • Description of any persons involved in the suspicious activity (if known) including the following: clothing, race, gender, height, weight, hair color, facial hair, etc.
  • Vehicle description and license plate number (if known)
  • Where did the persons or vehicle go? What was their direction of travel
  • Remember: never approach or touch a suspicious package
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:
Q: How do I report a crime or incident? 
A: Call 911 for both emergency and non-emergency reporting of crimes and incidents.

Q: How do I contact an airport deputy if I just need to pass on information or get information that does not require reporting a crime or incident? 
A: Call the Sheriff's Office Transit Police number of (425)438-6217. The secretary will forward the message. If the secretary is not available, then leave a voice message and the message will be forwarded to the deputy as soon a possible. 

Q: What is the speed limit on the roads at the airport? 
A: The speed limit on the main roadways at the airport is 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted at a lower speed limit. Inside the Air Operations Area the speed limit is 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

Q: What do I do if my card or the gate code will not open the gate? 
A: Try it on another gate, if that does not work then contact airport operations to update your card or gate code. The Airport Police will not give out gate codes to the public. They will only be given out by Airport Operations (425)388-5110. 

Q: Can I let another person have access to my gate access card or the gate code? 
A: Only if approved by the airport operations personnel. If you gave your gate access card or gate code to another person not authorized by the airport to have this information, not only can it lead to a possible incursion if they drive in the wrong area of the airport, but it may also result in you and/or the person you gave the gate access card or gate code to being criminally cited and/or possible expulsion from the airport. 

Q: Why was I contacted and required to provide identification and/or verification of legal authority to be on airport property while on the airside of the airport? 
A: The airside of the airport is restricted to only those people having the legal right to be there. While Airport Police Deputies may know many people on the airport, we do not know everyone and have the legal authority to challenge anyone who is on the airside of the airport. This is a restricted area not open to the general public. FAA regulations also apply to the airside of the airport. 

Q: What are the rules involving parking at the airport? 
A: Parking violations are strictly enforced as well as traffic violations. Vehicles parking on airport property must be parked in designated parking spaces only. Vehicles must be currently licensed and in proper running condition. Vehicles illegally parked are subject to parking infractions and/or impound of the vehicle at owner's expense. 

Q: Under what authority does the airport police operate? 
A: Because Paine Field Airport is a Snohomish County Airport, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office has primary jurisdiction at the airport. The Airport Police Deputies are Sheriff's Office Deputies assigned to Paine Field Airport as their primary assignment. Their police powers and authority come from the Revised Code of Washington as well as Snohomish County Code. Title 15 of the Snohomish County Code deals specifically with Snohomish County Paine Field Airport. 

In an emergency - dial 911 for assistance. For non-emergency assistance dial 425-407-3999.