2012 Commercial Air Service Environmental Assessment

The FAA announced on December 4, 2012 the signing of the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Environmental Assessment (EA) they conducted on a proposal to allow commercial air service at Snohomish County Airport/Paine Field. The ROD is a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

Online exhibits available as follows:
Final Environmental Assessment, September, 2012: Individual Contents:

Appendix Contents

  1. Example Appendix Q
  2. Appendix A - Airline Letters
  3. Appendix B - Agency Coordination Letters
  4. Appendix C - Agency Coordination Letter Responses
  5. Appendix D - Noise Analysis
  6. Appendix E - Air Quality Construction Emisions Worksheets
  7. Appendix F - Traffic Impact Analysis
  8. Appendix G - Forecast Reports
  9. Appendix H - Airport T and E Species Memo
  10. Appendix I - Traffic VMT Report
  11. Appendix J - SHPO Consultation
  12. Appendix K - PAE Hirsh Report
  13. Appendix L - WSDOT Traffic Correspondence
  14. Appendix M - State Coastal Zone Management Application Checklist
  15. Appendix N - Tribal Consultation
  16. Appendix O - Paine Field Sheriff Pistol Range Info
  17. Appendix P - Terminal Capacity Analysis
  18. Appendix Q - Table of Contents
  19. Appendix Q - Letter A
  20. Appendix Q - Letter B
  21. Appendix Q - Letter C
  22. Appendix Q - Letter D
  23. Appendix Q - Letter E
  24. Appendix Q - Letter F
  25. Appendix Q - Letter G
  26. Appendix Q - Letter H
  27. Appendix Q - Letter I
  28. Appendix Q - Letter J
  29. Appendix Q - Letter K
  30. Appendix Q - Letter L
  31. Appendix Q - Letter M
  32. Appendix Q - Letter N
  33. Appendix Q - Letter O
  34. Appendix Q - Letter P
  35. Appendix Q - Letter Q
  36. Appendix Q - Letter R
  37. Appendix Q - Letter S
  38. Appendix Q - Letter T
  39. Appendix Q - Letter U
  40. Appendix Q - Letter V
  41. Appendix Q - Letter W
  42. Appendix Q - Letter Y
  43. Appendix Q - Letter Z
  44. Appendix R - Public Involvment Transcripts
  45. Appendix R - Public Involvment Legal Ads
  46. Appendix R - Public Involvment Hearing Sign In Sheets
  47. Appendix R - Hearing One Meadowdale 01-04-10
  48. Appendix R - Hearing Two PUD 01-05-10
  49. Appendix R - Hearing Three Kamiak 01-21-10
  50. Appendix S - General Responses
  51. Appendix T - Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Coordination
  52. Appendix U - Boeing Company Letter
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*Instructions for using the bookmark links in the Appendix Q files:
The Q Appendix has been separated alphabetically.  Each document has a list of the responses (Appendix S, General Responses) listed at the end of the document.  The responses have been categorized and are numbered 1 - 11. There are multiple responses within each response category (i.e., Response 1, Study Process has 16 responses numbered 1.1 - 1.16.

Each of the alphabetized comments documents has a list of bookmarks. The first list of bookmarks contains the alphabetical listing of the commenters. The second list of bookmarks contains the numerical listing of the responses. 

At the end of each comment, a list of appropriate responses has been included.  To view your listed response(s), simply click on the associated bookmark. To return to your comment(s), click on your name in the list of bookmarks and you will return to your comments.

To access the list of bookmarks available in the document within Adobe Reader, click on the bookmark icon located in the gray ribbon on the left-hand side of the screen (see example below). Depending on which version of Adobe Reader you are using, you may need to mouse-right-click on the document screen and choose "show navigation panel" or something similar. Click here to view a larger sample of the example - use your back button to return to this page.) .
Example Appendix Q