Aircraft Monitoring System

The Painefield Airport has a Flight tracking monitoring system and operates three permenant noise monitors. This system enables the airport to regularly monitor airline compliance with noise abatement procedures and investigate citizen inquiries.
  1. PublicVue Flight Tracking Tool
    View local area flight tracking and noise information

    PublicVue enables the public to watch the time-delayed movement of aircraft operating at Painefield Airport. If you are a first-time user of this system, click on the help link below to assist with understanding and utilizing the full capabilities of this software.

     Download instructions for PublicVue (PDF).
     Launch PublicVue here

Noise Event Form  Submit aircraft noise concerns to Paine Fie ld Airport on this page.

Noise Abatement Procedures Check out the procedures that the airport uses for noise abatement.

Noise Exposure Maps Update View the noise exposure maps update for Paine Field.

Noise Summary Reports Browse a list of noise summary reports provided by the airport.