Airfield Construction

Airfield studies, design, and construction:
North Ramp Map (003)

Paine Field Airport is preparing for a 17 day North Ramp closure followed by a 7 day PPR (prior permission request), for a pavement rehab project. This project will repair the asphalt dips on the North Ramp, as well as fix drainage issues. We look forward to a finished product that will function well and provide a smooth ride for years to come. The illustration attached will help you identify the affected areas which will be completed in two phases (1B, 1C). The 17 day closure will begin on Thursday, September 7th and go until Sunday, September 24th.  

PHASE 1B: Gate N9 will not be usable and no aircraft will be able to taxi past Castle & Cooke into or out of the North Corporate ramp during the 17 day pavement rehab. Staff are working on reserving ramp space at the Future of Flight for parking of Group II aircraft (Wingspan 49' >; Tail Height 20’ >). This space will be on a first-come, first-served basis and Castle & Cooke will be able to tug your aircraft at the Airport’s expense. Tie-down spots on the central and east ramps will be made available for smaller aircraft, also on a first-come, first-served basis. Regal Air will provide towing of small aircraft to these spots at the airport’s expense.

PHASE 1C: Will immediately follow phase 1B for an additional 7 days. All aircraft owners will be able to use the North Corporate ramp taxi-lane with a 2 hour PPR. Gate N9 will be reopened for use.

Notifications will be disseminated to all north stakeholders as soon as there is an exact project start date. Hangar owners will need to notify any subleasing tenants that use their hangers. For owners with multiple aircraft, please be aware it may not be possible to have them located in the same place. Contact or call 425-388-5112 ASAP to coordinate the relocation of your aircraft.