Airfield Construction

Airfield studies, design, and construction:

Phase 2

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 3

Paine Field Airport began reconstructing Taxiway Bravo on June 11.

Phase 2A: Taxiway Alpha was closed between A3-A5 for five days, June 11-15.   

Phase 2B: Taxiway Bravo closed June 11. It will remain closed until mid October. Access to Castle & Cooke and North Corporate is via C1. 

Phase 2C: This phase will occur at the same time as phase 2B. Completion of this phase is scheduled for Oct. 12. No impact on access to and from the movement areas. Once phases 2B/2C are completed taxiway Bravo will open and phase 3 will begin.
Phase 2D: Taxiway Alpha will close between A3-A5 for five days in early October.  

Phase 3: Castle and Cooke Ramp will be closed for three days. Access to Castle & Cooke and North Corporate will be via taxiway Bravo. 

These dates are subject to change.

Runway 16R-34L Rehab

runway 16R-34L Rehab Project

The main runway at Paine Field reopened as scheduled Oct. 8 after a week of repairs that upgraded its surface along most of its length.

The repair work had been set for late August but was delayed by a labor dispute between the companies hired for the project and the union representing workers.

Runway 16R/34L closed at 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1, and reopened just before 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 8. 

Crews created a new runway surface by milling down and overlaying a strip running up much of the 9,010-foot runway’s centerline. The newly paved area is 65 feet wide and about 8,000 feet long. Work also focused on sealing seams and repainting markings. Additional closures are expected when crews return to install grooves along the new runway surface.