Airfield Construction

Airfield studies, design, and construction:

Phase 2

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 3

Paine Field Airport began reconstructing Taxiway Bravo on June 11.

Phase 2A: Taxiway Alpha was closed between A3-A5 for five days, June 11-15.   

Phase 2B: Taxiway Bravo closed June 11. It will remain closed until mid September. Access to Castle & Cooke and North Corporate is via C1. 

Phase 2C: This phase will occur at the same time as phase 2B. No impact on access to and from the movement areas. Once phases 2B/2C are completed taxiway Bravo will open and phase 3 will begin.
Phase 2D: Taxiway Alpha will close between A3-A5 for five days in early September.  

Phase 3: Castle and Cooke Ramp will be closed for three days. Access to Castle & Cooke and North Corporate will be via taxiway Bravo. 

These dates are subject to change.

Runway 16R-34L Rehab

runway 16R-34L Rehab Project

The Airport completed maintenance on Runway 16R/34L, work that required its closure July 1 to July 8. The project included removing rubber and paint and fog sealing the entire runway. Additional work on striping is expected in August.