Airfield Construction

Runway closure(s)

Paine Field will be closing RWY 16R-34L on July 6-8, 2020 between 0500-1100L daily. During the closure, crews will core and bore holes at various locations and depths along the runway. The closure will allow the airport to gather necessary pavement and soil data for future runway projects. Runway 16L-34R will open at 0500L during the project to accommodate appropriate aircraft.

Airport Master Plan

Paine Field will undertake an update to the Airport Master Plan beginning July of 2020.  The process is expected to take two years to complete.  The updated plan will ensure projects planned in the next ten years result in the safe and effective utilization of airport land and efficient use of local and federal funds for the development of the airport.  As the process progresses, updates can be found here.