Paine Field Airport has new badging rules

Paine Field Airport has updated badging procedures to meet federal requirements set at all commercial-use airports. These changes affect all current badge holders needing access to the airport operations area. There are new identification requirements, including fingerprinting for some applicants. Airport businesses and tenants will be contacted to begin the re-badging process. Tenants with expiring badges will be accommodated with an extension until an appointment can be scheduled.

Getting started

Contact your Authorized Signatory and fill out the badge application and other necessary documents in their entirety.

  1. Schedule a new badge appointment once contacted by the airport.
  2. Arrive at the appointment on time and call the number listed at the designated badging parking stalls with application completed and required I-9 documents. Please print out badging forms double-sided if possible. Staff will be able to assist most applicants while you remain in the comfort of your vehicle. Payments by Visa or MasterCard are accepted at the initial badging appointment. Cash and checks are not accepted. Costs are detailed in the PAE credentialing fee schedule. If required to enter the badging office, masks will be required
  3. The badging process typically takes seven to 10 days to complete. For SIDA/Sterile Badge Applicants (those working at the terminal) schedule a necessary training appointment after completing steps 1-2 and receiving approval from the airport or your Authorized Signatory. 
  4. The airport badging office will contact you when your badge is ready to pick up.

Hand on fingerprint machine

Fingerprinting and criminal history background checks now will be required for people working in secure areas at Paine Field Airport.

Additional questions? Call 425-388-5125.

Paine Field’s Credentialing Office is open weekdays 8:30am - 12:00pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm by appointment only.