Paine Field Aviation Day Event Volunteers


PFAD Event Volunteers:

The 2017 Aviation Day has ended and planning for 2018 has not begun.  Sign up to receive updates here.  In the interim, here is a wonderful letter from our volunteer coordinator...



Paine Field Aviation Day 2017 is complete.


I am now fed, watered, home, cleaned, and catching up on some communications and details from the day.  And where in the heck did this sun burn come from?


In addition to the resident and other beautiful aircraft, having two active duty military fighter jets arrive and depart during the day was a nice highlight.  Over at the volunteer check-in center upon the EA-18 arrival our crew exited the building with haste to see what the aviation commotion was all about, as if the building were on fire.


Today’s weather was just about perfect.  Many of us chatted early today about this good fortune, discussing the likelihood of record breaking attendance.  Well we certainly had more visitors today than last year’s Paine Field Aviation Day given that undesirable weather, however attendance felt a bit light considering the good conditions.  Having said this please know we do not yet have admission numbers in hand.  Regarding attendance “feeling” light, I think I understand.  For the past several months we have been living in a washing machine.  Today was a remarkable improvement.  Individuals and families took advantage in many compelling ways, and given options in our region, there are many fine choices.  In spite of alternatives on how to enjoy the weather, thousands chose to join us at Paine Field on this beautiful day.  Can’t argue with that.


Volunteers from three organizations (Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, Historic Flight Foundation, and Snohomish County Airport) again made the day.  Approximately 450 strong.  Think about that for a moment.  450 individuals coming together on one day giving of themselves for a selfless and common purpose.


One comment from a young volunteer this morning asked, “…wondering if it's ok to volunteer all day”!  He was only scheduled for the morning.


I was relieving another volunteer rather late following the end of his shift while his replacement could not attend and me without a good alternate plan, “How about I just keep doing this?”, was his response to the dilemma.  For a few more hours he did.  This is a young man and first time volunteer.  Where do these people come from?


Attending the volunteer appreciation dinner at Historic Flight Foundation enjoying a fine meal and even better IPA, John Sessions stood up to say a few words.  Among a number of other points John said something along the lines of seeing many familiar faces belonging to year after year returning volunteers, and not understanding why they keep coming back.  He hit the nail squarely on the head with this comment.


I suppose there are different motivations for each of us to volunteer.  Some of the volunteer work is, well, work.  It’s not easy.  Why do so many do it with a smile on their face and say, “yes, more please.”  Before the day ended volunteers were asking about next year.  Remarkable.  If those of you who asked don’t mind, I am going to sleep first and find my voice again, then we can talk.


Again it has been my pleasure to work with, get to know a bit better, and meet for the first time, all of you volunteers.  Thank you!"


Frank E. Hummel

PFAD 2017 Volunteer Coordinator

Event Volunteer Coordinator

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