Pilot Volunteers for Young Eagle Flights

Pilots – WE NEED YOU!!! To fly kids 8 to 17 for Young Eagle flights during Paine Field Aviation Day on May 20.

Young Eagles Flight
Call or preferably email me, Jim McGauhey.  (jmcgauhey@usa.net) or 425-330-1525.
By now you have heard of the Paine Field Aviation Day, and we hope you plan on attending, even if you don’t fly Young Eagles.  The highlight of the day is the Warbird Fly-By from noon to 1:30.
But we REALLY need pilots and planes to fly Young Eagles.  Preferably 4 place, but 2 place will do.
Requirements are:

  • Must be an EAA member. If you aren’t now – just join. Contact eaa.org and sign up. It’s cheap and you’ll get a great magazine. Sorry – AOPA or WPA doesn’t count. We highly recommend both these organizations, but only EAA members can fly Young Eagles
  • Must have 250+ hrs PIC
  • Must have insurance, whether aircraft is rented, borrowed, or owned. Min $100,000 per seat. The Young Eagles program provides an additional $1,000,000 for YE flights
  • Possess a current medical (if applicable) or be Sport Pilot in Light Sport aircraft
  • Have a current flight review
  • Aircraft must be legal (proper documents) and in airworthy condition
  • All YE pilots must take a short EAA course and pass a cursory background check.  It’s similar to Scouts, Little League, foster parents, etc.  https://www.eaa.org.  The on-line course takes about 20 minutes and is free.  Pilots must have their EAA #, be current on dues, and have an account at eaa.org or sign up for one.
  • Must complete and sign registration form prior to flights (we take care of this day of the event)
By joining EAA and flying Young Eagles, you will be part of one of the largest youth programs in the country.  Over 1.8 MILLION youngsters are now Young Eagles.  Want an even more eye-opening statistic?  Over 7% of all active pilots, and 20,000 of all pilots under 40 started with the Young Eagles program.  While the goal is not to create pilots, it has had that effect.  Really, what we want is to educate young people that pilots and small planes are not for just the wealthy.  General Aviation is for almost everyone.  Flying planes is fun, unique, and opens some opportunities for trips not possible with cars if time is limited.

This event is a Young Eagles rally and we expect to fly about 200 youth with about 20 pilots and planes.  You are invited to be one of the pilots.  As a volunteer YE pilot, and Paine Field General Aviation Day volunteer, you’ll get a t-shirt, special parking, foods voucher, free admission, and a very rewarding day.  You can rent, borrow, or fly your own plane.  Unfortunately, you do have to pay the rental fee and/or fuel.  This is considered a charity event and you can write off the expenses, but will have to pay those expenses yourself first.  We will get a discount on fuel, basically truck service at self-serve prices.
The flights are simple 15 to 20 minute round trips.  No aerobatics or unusual attitudes.  Most flights in 4 place aircraft have 2 youngsters in the back who basically get a free ride (and for most that’s an exciting experience).  For the co-pilot, they get a great experience and get to fly the plane.
There will be complete pilot’s briefing at 9 am in the Flying Heritage Collection theater.  We’ll take a break around noon so we can have lunch and watch the fly-by.  You manage your own time, so maybe you want to visit the Collection, or go across the field to the Historic Flight Foundation.  As a volunteer, you won’t pay the $10 fee.  There will be static displays, warbirds, food vendors, and several displays.  But the greatest reward is the grin on the kids’ faces after the flights.

Watch one of my Young Eagle flights, and some of the fly-by from past year's at http://youtu.be/i2EWw3NJxr8
Oh, as for the youngsters, when they become Young Eagles, they get a free student membership in EAA, they get registered in what’s called the “largest logbook in the world” at EAA headquarters in Oshkosh, WI.  (The logbook is not for viewing by the public to protect the kids; but online they can enter their name and see their individual flight details to prove to their friends they flew a plane!)  They get a free ground school class from Sporty’s.  Yes, the actual FAA ground school that costs $249, and it’s free for Young Eagles.   Once they pass the exam, medical, and get their student pilot cert, Young Eagles will reimburse them for their first flying lesson, up to $150.   And a few other bennies.

Save the date – May 20, and contact me to sign up RIGHT NOW!!  Just click and send an email.  Jim McGauhey  jmcgauhey@usa.net   425-330-1525