Make Payments

Payment Options

Paine Field only accepts payments for the following:
Instructions for customer account portal (PDF)

Payment Due Dates

  • Customer account payments are due on the 1st of each month and are late if not received by the 15th. Statements and paperless e-statements are sent out on the first of every month as a courtesy to all customers.
  • Security badging payments are due prior to your appointment. Please bring your receipt to your appointment as proof of payment.
  • First Aid and CPR class payments are due 48 hours in advance of your scheduled class. Please bring your receipt to class as proof of payment.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Payments are accepted through one of the following methods:
  • Online -- Customer payment portal, badging and First Aid and CPR class portal. Credit card, bank transfer or E-Check.
  • In person -- 10108 32nd Ave. W, Suite J, Everett, WA  98204. Credit card, check.
  • By phone -- (425) 388-5125. Credit card.
  • By mail -- 10108 32nd Ave. W, Suite J, Everett, WA  98204. Check.

Update Address of Contact Information

Billing address and contact changes may be sent to the Airport Finance Group at


If you have additional questions you may email or call (425) 388-5125.

Travel Questions?

To book or pay for flights, contact your airline. For questions about other travel-related payments -- including parking -- please contact the Paine Field Passenger Terminal operated by Propeller Airports.
Ph: (425) 622-9040