COVID-19 Response

Directors Message

We here at Paine Field want to express our gratitude for all those working to fight this pandemic.  Whether you are working as a medical professional, as an essential business worker, or just by staying home, you are helping.  

We have returned to the office in most cases, however many of our staff are working remotely at least a part of the week. Paine Field Airport remains fully operational.  Our staff are available to assist with your business needs. Below you will find updates from each airport division as well as several helpful links and updates from Snohomish County leadership.

It is my belief that we will all come through this difficult time more aware, more appreciative of those in our lives, and more connected than ever.  Be safe, practice social distancing, and whenever possible, stay home.


 Arif R. Ghouse, FRAeS, CMAirport Director

Business Office

Effective July 6, 2021, the Business Office is open for all services.

To limit contact, we do encourage you to use our online customer account portal that can be accessed anytime via this website. You can view historical statements, pay using all major credit cards & e-checks, setup recurring payments, and turn on paperless statements.

Financial Assistance

Airport staff understand the financial difficulties being faced by some tenants impacted by the COVID-19 emergency. The County has been working with our Federal congressional delegation and the State to provide businesses with any assistance they can. The following links may be useful:

County programs

Federal and state programs

Fire Department 

(Update July 30, 2021)

Due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Washington State and the Delta variant that has a significant increased risk of transmission, Paine Field Fire Department is closed to the public.  Unless a specific approved situation by the fire chief, no one other than fire department staff are allowed in the fire station. We are leveraging technology as much as possible to assist with social distancing.

We are still available to answer questions and provide directions, but we will be doing from at least six feet away outside the fire station. We encourage you to use phone and emails to contact fire department staff.

We will not stop responding to any calls for service. We have returned to wearing masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) when responding to calls, including riding in apparatus to a call. We are assessing each situation we respond to and alter the number of firefighters who may actually touch the patient. We will not turn away any potential patient at the door of the station. Our jobs remain the same of protecting lives and property. That will not change, just the way we address it may be altered during this crisis.

After each incident, the crews will decontaminate in the fire station decontamination room, decontaminating the equipment, apparatus and themselves before entering the fire station apparatus bays and work area. This is for the safety of our people we come in contact with as well as the employees and their families.


(Update July 30, 2021)

Paine Field Maintenance Division remains fully staffed and operational to maintain airport readiness.  We are continuing with all scheduled maintenance work. Staff have been directed to maintain social distancing as they go about their work.