What is different about the badging process now?

Applicants must contact their Authorized Signatory for information and direction on the badging application. If you own or lease a hangar, you are the Authorized Signatory. Additionally, badging is now a two-step process. At the initial badge appointment, documents pertaining to an applicant’s badge eligibility will be sent to TSA. Badge applicants must wait until the credentialing office receives notice of government approval. Once confirmed, the badge applicant’s Authorized Signatory will be notified to make a second appointment for training and to receive the badge. ID must be re-verified when picking up a badge

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1. Why are badging procedures changing?
2. What is an Authorized Signatory?
3. Who can be an Authorized Signatory?
4. How do I schedule an appointment?
5. What fields must be filled out on the badging application?
6. What is different about the badging process now?
7. What happens if I plan to work in secure areas in support of commercial flights?
8. What forms of identification are approved?
9. How long do I have to complete the badging process?
10. My security badge is about to expire. What should I do?
11. What is the cost of my badge?
12. Which credit cards are accepted?
13. Where can I obtain my badge?