Under what authority do the airport police operate?

Because Paine Field Airport is the Snohomish County airport, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office has primary jurisdiction. The Airport Police Deputies are sheriff's deputies assigned to Paine Field Airport as their primary assignment. Their police powers and authority come from the Revised Code of Washington as well as Snohomish County Code. Title 15 of the Snohomish County Code deals specifically with Paine Field Airport.

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1. How do I report a crime or incident?
2. How do I contact an airport deputy if I just need to pass on information or get information that does not require reporting a crime or incident?
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4. What do I do if my card or the gate code will not open the gate?
5. Can I let another person have access to my gate access card or the gate code?
6. Why was I contacted and required to provide identification and/or verification of legal authority to be on airport property while on the airside of the airport?
7. What are the rules involving parking at the airport?
8. Under what authority do the airport police operate?