What does the airport do to mitigate aircraft noise in the community?

Though Paine Field’s operations department’s top priority is on airfield safety and ensuring compliance with FAA regulations, we take great efforts to be a good neighbor to the surrounding communities. All noise comments are recorded in a comprehensive database, investigated using both radar tracks and radio monitoring, and presented in monthly reports available on our website. The airport has established several voluntary noise abatement procedures including recommended arrival and departure procedures, operational curfews for large jet traffic and training aircraft, and an augmented traffic pattern for late night and early morning propeller aircraft operations. The airport also closes runway 16L/34R from 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. to reduce the number of small aircraft flying over populated areas. 

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1. What is Paine Field’s airport configuration?
2. What determines runway use and the direction aircraft arrive and depart the airport?
3. Why is Paine Field so close to residential neighborhoods?
4. When does the airport close?
5. Does Paine Field monitor noise levels?
6. How is aircraft noise measured?
7. Do aircraft have to comply with local city, county and state noise ordinances?
8. What does the airport do to mitigate aircraft noise in the community?
9. Can the airport restrict certain aircraft from using the airfield?
10. Who controls what flight path jet aircraft fly and at what altitude?
11. Why do aircraft arrive and depart at night and in the early morning, isn’t there a curfew?
12. What is the minimum altitude an aircraft can fly over my residence?
13. Who do I contact if I have an inquiry regarding Paine Field noise or flight operations?