T Hangars

T Hangar AnimateThe T-hangar units at Paine Field are the most common type of storage space for aircraft with wingspan up to about 40 feet. These units are widely spread throughout the Central and West Ramps and are also available as condominium units on the east ramp. These types of hangars are extremely versatile as they provide ample room for most general aviation aircraft as well as space for a tool bench and a few cabinets to store aircraft equipment, tools, and other essentials.

All of the T-hangars at Paine Field have sliding doors for an opening, with some doors sliding inside and along the walls of the unit and others sliding in front of the neighboring hangar. All of the doors are easy to operate and can be opened or closed with a few easy pushes or pulls. All T-hangars are secured with an airport provided padlock and have cane bolts that can be set from inside the hangar for additional security. The existing, older style T-hangars which are located on the central ramp and the west ramp are constructed to an S-5 occupancy (allows for minor parts swapping and minor maintenance of aircraft), have approximately 15-amps of power, have one to two lights on the ceiling, and have one or two power receptacles designed for 110V.

New T HangarThe new T-hangar units located on our west ramp are larger in size compared to our older style T- hangars and have several additional amenities that make them attractive to the kit-builders or those who perform their own maintenance. All the new T-hangars have a fire suppression sprinkler system for additional safety and were constructed to meet H-5 occupancy ratings which allows for more advanced repairs and additional maintenance on aircraft. These units also have approximately 20-amps of individually metered power, two fluorescent light fixtures, four power receptacles, two man-doors for easy entrance and exit, and have windows in the sliding doors for additional lighting.


  Existing T-Hangars
New T-Hangars
Square Feet 1,040 1,092
A 39 Feet 2 Inches 42 Feet
B 20 Feet 21 Feet
C 35 Feet 6 Inches 33 Feet 6 Inches
D 17 Feet 6 Inches 18 Feet
Height 12 Feet 12 Feet
Number of Units 211 40
T Hangar Layout


There are 211 existing T-hangar units located on the Central and West Ramp hangar areas. Square footage ranges from 960sf to 1,730sf—with the majority at 1,040sf. The 1,040sf unit cost is $473.50 (including taxes).
There are 40 newer T-Hangar units located in the newer West Ramp hangar area. The monthly rate is $733.29 (including taxes). 

Wait Time

Because the T-hangars vary in price, size, and age, the airport will keep separate wait lists for each style of unit. In order to be eligible for a new T-hangar and/or an older T-hangar you must pay an application fee for each style of unit.